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I was in the grocery store this week with my girlfriend. We were buying some food and drinks for next week. I also felt sick and was in a diffuse mood. When we arrived at the self-payment, I noticed something in the refrigerators near the payment area. Inside were the flavors of Mountain Dew and Game Fuel, and the energy drink that is marketed for the "players". It was launched earlier this year. In the midst of the fog of feeling sick, I decided to buy a can of things and review them.

This was a mistake.

One of the great attractions of Game Fuel is the member. It's a strange-looking plastic lid that is screwed into the top of the can. This member allows consumers to reseal the can after getting some sips. I guess the idea is that this makes it more valuable for players who need to sip between rounds or multiplayer action. But do I really understand how this member is different from a drink with a cap? You can also simply sit your normal and non-resealable can between matches. But what do I know, maybe this is popular?

Actually, I know what people want because it turns out that Game Fuel is selling incredibly well. In fact, the drink is so popular that PepsiCo is having trouble meeting the demand. The problem That luxury member. It is difficult to do and they are running out of them frequently.

After buying the drink and having my girlfriend help me take some pictures of the can, I finally had to open and drink this thing.

This proved more difficult than expected.

There is a tutorial printed on the can, but it did not help to make it easier.
There is a tutorial printed on the can, but it did not help to make it easier.

That elegant resellable member is a real pain in the bad to open. The instructions are simple, but actually blowing them up was annoying and felt badly designed for people with larger hands or fingers. After fighting for too long, I finally opened it and my hand was covered with Game Fuel. It was not a great experience. And then finally I tried Game Fuel.

I should say before explaining how horrible this thing tastes, that you drink a lot of energy drinks and you used to drink a lot of sodas. I like Mountain Dew, only if I avoid these days to save my teeth. I even liked some of the Flavors of Fuel that existed years ago. I also enjoyed Mountain Dew Kickstart and Black Label. I say that all this is true, that I know very well the soft drinks and the excessively sweet, black and bitter drinks.

But MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL (that's his real name) is so bad. People, it's really terrible shit. I would describe the taste as cheap grape juice mixed with flat and diluted Mountain Dew. You really need to like this drink. She knows grapes so powerfully that I physically retreated after my first sip. Upon reviewing the ingredients, I saw that the grape juice was listed as one of the first ingredients. Why? Is this what the players want? Do you drink bad grape juice with caffeine and 40% of your daily sugar intake?

My girlfriend tried it and also hated it. I let my cat smell it and the poor guy escaped and hid. I hope you are good.

I could not finish it. I take half or less and I give it to me.

MTN DEW Amp fuel set.
MTN DEW Amp fuel set.

After drinking some of these things, I decided to try the affirmations that will help the players to play better. I loaded some Dr. Mario World on my phone and I quickly lost 3 matches in a row. Maybe he needed to drink everything to get the game boost he claims?

There are other flavors of MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL beyond the original version I bought. I badume those tastes better. They can not know much worse.

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