Motorola Z4 breaks cover in a filtered render


We have been funded by Motorola phones for a while in these parts, and the Lenovo-owned company seems to be buying all the right points lately. With the update of the G series that now reaches the market, it is time to look at the Z series of the company's highest specification.

A tweet from Evan Blbad during the weekend shows the next Motorola Z4 from all sides, which allows us to see the phone well. There are some remarkable features.

Moto Z4

– Evan Blbad (@evleaks) May 2, 2019

First of all, it is, of course, compatible with the Moto Mod modular system to add functions to your phone (one at a time). The pogo pins on the back and the flat back of the phone betray this feature, which is not surprising anyway. Motorola spent some time creating an interesting ecosystem of complements that you can use, from speakers to complete cameras and, especially in recent times, even a 5G update.

Working with Moto Mods brings some restrictions in terms of hardware design: the phone has to maintain the basic dimensions of what comes before, but the Z4 extends the screen in all directions. There is no space in the front for the "motorola" word market, with minimal upper / lower bevels and a notch of water drop in the center of the screen.

More interesting is that the render only shows a single camera lens in the already known Moto, where the Z3 had a double trigger. Maybe this is an early render.

Neither is there an obvious fingerprint reader, which leads one to suspect that the Z4 will have an on-screen sensor like its contemporaries.

Finally, there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack next to the USB-C port on the bottom edge.

Motorola tends to announce the Z series by mid-year and brings them to the market quite quickly. The Z3 was announced in August, while the Z2 was a June baby. We will definitely enter the launch window soon.

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