Mosquito chunk warning: Dad may die after leg swells from elephantisis


A DAD is dealing with a combat for his life after a mosquito chunk has prompted his leg to swell to 4 instances its regular measurement.


Chetahan Pithadia was initially admitted to the medical doctors for minor swelling on his leg.

But after being despatched dwelling with minor remedy, the 53-year-old noticed his leg bulge to an enormous 25kg, along with his foot now barely seen.

The father-of-two from Jamnagar in India is now pleading for donations to badist save him from loss of life.

Chetahan has been left with a gross injurySWNS

FOOT-IN-MOUTH: Chetahan has been left with a gross damage – all from a mosquito chunk

Black loss of life hits Madagascar: Plague loss of life toll rises to 143 off east African coast


The plague loss of life toll has risen to 143 in Madagascar. World Health Organization figures present the black loss of life outbreak has now contaminated 1,947 individuals within the nation off the coast of Africa.

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Plague outbreak in MadagascarWorld Health Organization warn cases of plague could reach mainland AfricaGetty Images

The World Health Organization has warned instances of plague may attain mainland Africa

He stated: “’My situation is getting worse by the day.

“It’s a situation the place the affected person can solely discover aid to a sure extent.

“I’ve not too long ago found a possible remedy at a hospital in Kerala.

Chetahan can now barely walkSWNS

IMMOBILE: Chetahan can now barely stroll

Elephantisis has afflicted his legSWNS

ELEPHANTISIS: His leg wants pressing remedy

Rare Medical Conditions


Featuring the rarest ailments and problems from across the globe.

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The baby boy has wrinkles on the face, has a very shrunken body and hollow eyes. The baby does not look like a new born at all. Caters News Agency

The child boy has wrinkles on the face, has a really shrunken physique and hole eyes. The child doesn’t appear to be a brand new born in any respect.

“But the process requires admitting me to hospital for a month three times, and I will need medicines for around two years.”

If the swelling from his leg continues to his stomach, it could possibly be deadly.

The elephantiasis situation is believed to have an effect on 120 million individuals all over the world yearly.

Chetehan is now pleading for fundsSWNS

LIFE-SAVING: Chetehan wants an operation on the opposite aspect of the nation

It is proven by the huge enlargement of the realm of the physique.

But consultants imagine Chetan could possibly be handled in Kerala, if he is ready to make the two,000km journey south.

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