Monday , June 21 2021

The Morning – Acadomia opens its first center in Morocco

The leader of school support in France, Acadomia, settles in Morocco. With a first center that opened in March in Rabat and a second one announced for next September in Casablanca, Acadomia has the ambition to develop academic excellence for all children.

Forging its educational expertise for 20 years, Acadomia now puts its expertise at the service of Moroccan parents increasingly concerned about the academic development of their children. The aim is to offer quality school accompaniment adapted to each student from primary to high school to match his ambitions.
"Today, we follow nearly 100,000 students per year in France in three modes of distribution: private lessons, community centers and the platform that we have developed as a complement between classes so that the student can continue to develop its capabilities, "said the CEO of Acadomia in France, Philippe Coléon, during a meeting with the media organized Monday in Casablanca. And to note that "in our centers of proximity, the child occupies a central place. He is surrounded by a professional and motivated team made up of experts specialized in the different branches of education. "

Same story with the associate director of Acadomia in Morocco, Dr. Nawal Ahbeddou El Ouazzani, who stressed that "the Rabat team has a multidisciplinary team, around a university professor, made up of about fifteen highly qualified teachers, a school coach, a psychologist and an educational advisor". Also, Acadomia has equipped its new center with the latest technologies, as well as an online course platform at the disposal of students to enable them to achieve their goals.
The courses are thus adapted to each student and his students. own needs, with prices that align with the market. Every effort is made to identify each student's talents and help them regain their self-confidence and abilities. Teachers encourage them to make the necessary effort and value each of their progress while encouraging them to formulate their own goals and to empower them to achieve them. By developing in their students a sense of autonomy, a taste for effort and methodological rigor, the Acadomia team is committed to giving them the tools they need to build their future.

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