The ability to stay slim would be tied to our gene

The fatty population is tripled since 1975 according to research by the World Health Organization. Food and lack of physical activity are associated with the risk that will be affected, but these would not be the same reasons. Research from the Cambridge University in the United Kingdom shows that there is a benefit of genetics related weight: thin people would be better off and they would not be as helpful as others.


Many surveys have focused on the prehistoric or obese genetic habitats, and Sadaf Farooqi, a professor at Cambridge University, has chosen to focus on people with ill people. For this research, Sadaf Farroqi and his team consisted of 1,622 tanned volunteers, and used data from 1985 that were very fat and 10,433 people with the usual weight. Their DNA was collected and responded to a health questionnaire and their way of life.

Slimming is linked to genetics

DNA survey confirmed the results of previous surveys: some of the genes are at risk of obesity and they find new traces, and # 39; including those other genes that are likely to be involved in illness. Researchers gathered the data collected to develop a genetic risk index. "As we were thinking, we found that people with a normal emphasis have a higher genetic risk menu," said one of the authors at the survey. On the other hand, tana people have a smaller record of genetic threats. 74% of the sick people in the survey were sick, healthy in the genealogy.

Target of this gene to prevent obesity

"It's easy to make quick criticism and criticize people for their stress, but science shows things are much more complex," said Sadaf Farooqi, "we have a great deal of control over our we would like. " . He now wants to push research to find out what gene generates a contribution, it can help stress strategies to stress heavy people.

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