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Alain Delon: "If a slap is macho, then yes, I'm macho"

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by Helena ergisi

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Guest of the penultimate show of Tea or coffee In France 2, Alain Delon returned to his sometimes "macho" behavior with the different women of his life.

For the penultimate of Tea or coffee this Saturday, November 24, Catherine Ceylac received Alain Delon. The 83-year-old actor lent himself to the game of confidences by answering all the host's questions with sincerity. After having spent a lot of time. romantic relationships with Dalida, Mireille Darc or Romy Schneider, Alain Delon admitted to behaving sometimes as a "macho" with the women who shared his life. "It depends on what you call macho, if a slap is macho, yes, I had to be macho, but I've also had slaps, even from women!", said the actor to Catherine Ceylac, curious to know if he had already behaved badly with the women. "But I'm not the kind of person you know, especially not a woman we love", he concluded, with these words, Alain Delon probably refers to the accusations of abuse about her former partner Rosalie van Breemen, issued by her son Alain-Fabien Delon in 2013.

Accused of domestic violence by his son.

By claiming that "he is not the kind of person who breaks someone," Alain Delon probably refers here to the comments made by his son, Alain-Fabien Delon, in the columns of Vanity Fair in 2013. The young man had accused his father have been violent to his mother, Rosalie van Breemen, former supermodel and Dutch television presenter. "My mother experienced my father's violence, her eight broken ribs and her broken nose twice, but she deserved it. Every time I saw violence in her, I thought that God was punishing her for her evil. Also, Alain Delon was not violent because my mother, my brother Anthony and I knew very well how far his cruelty could go."said the actor's son. domestic violence which he still denies today. During his interview with Catherine Ceylac, Alain Delon explained that he had a very complicated relationship with his son He no longer sees The actor remains on very good terms with his daughter Anouchka.

by Helena Ergisi

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