Morning Report: Leon Edwards on ‘George Masvidal Bout’ said he is “on site” when he sees her

Leon Edwards appears to have abandoned George Masvidal on a fighting goal in a cage, so instead, he may have to force the hands of “Gamebread”.

For more than a year now, Edwards has had a fight with Masvidal, dating to a post-fight reshuffle at UFC London last year, where Masvidal hit him with the now-defunct “Three Pieces and a Soda”. Unfortunately for Edwards, little land has been found in his search. After his transition, Masvidal emerged as a bonafide star in the UFC and Nate Diaz was claimed the BMF title. After an unsuccessful title bid from Masvidil earlier this year, it looked like Edwards might be in a position to finally get his favorite bout, but instead, all signs point to Mastiwald currently due out later this year Nate is pointing to Diaz, once again frustrating the Birmingham fighter. .

“Yes, I think that’s the annoying part,” Edwards told Submission Radio. “Because the UFC wants a fight, like, especially the Jorge fight. I know he went to the UFC and he said he wouldn’t fight me until I got the title or whatever. But I believe That he needs to win a title to fight someone in the top five, which he is not doing. So, it is disappointing, because the UFC wants this, I want this, but others, they are saying That there is no reason that I am a tough fight and they don’t want to lose. So, I don’t know.

The UFC allegedly had some interest in booking a fight between Masvidal and Edwards, however, Masvidal was never interested in this fight, preferring fights with big-name fighters like Diaz and Ben Escrain. That being said, a rematch between him and Diaz has caused some backlash among fans as their first encounter was not particularly competitive, and Edwards is among those who don’t understand the rematch.

“I think he and he have a big fight,” Edwards said. “I don’t know. The first fight when they fought Diaz, they basically beat them for three rounds that they were in the fight. So, I don’t understand where the selling point is. I understand that. Not coming. He went out there, he beat Diaz and that’s it. Go ahead. Strange situation. But let them play their point and fair. “

As far as proceeding to this point, Edwards feels he must do the same. Despite running a campaign with Masvidil for more than a year, he appears to be rather close to one and one, in fact, “Rocky” says he’s switching his sights to other fighters in the division , But it would be with “on site” Masvidal should they ever run into each other.

“He has come out and he said he doesn’t want to smoke with me, he will only fight me for that world title. So, I’m over it now,” Edwards said. “He doesn’t want to fight. So, when I see him, we’ll fight on site, and he knows what it is when we see each other. This is who it is. You can’t force a man into a fight, is it No? If he says he doesn’t want to fight, you can’t. There’s nothing you can do to force him into it. I want it, the UFC wants it. He says he doesn’t want it Is. So, what else can I do? “

Edwards has been in a slight hold pattern recently. He last competed in July 2019 with a unanimous decision win over Rafael dos Anjos, but has since been unable to compete in large part due to Coronavirus. He was scheduled to face Tyron Woodley in March, but travel restrictions forced him to withdraw from the competition when the incident was moved from London to the United States. It is a disappointing set of circumstances for the fourth-order welterweight, but he is hoping that it is going to end and that when it will, he will get a big fight.

“I think I deserve one of these top five guys if there isn’t a big name in the game,” Edwards said. “So, yes, I’ve been in the UFC since March now, trying to get a name and trying to get a fight, but it always happens. It was tough for me during lockdown. Top 15 All others in are based in the US. I am the only one in the top 15 who is based in the UK. So, it is easy for the UFC to match people, because they are located in the states, and I am the reason for visa issues. Can’t be, and obviously you can’t move from Britain to America. So, it’s disappointing and it’s annoying. But my time will come and I’ll be the champion and I really believe that, you know that my What do you mean, so it’s all good. “

Edwards holds a 10–2 record in the UFC and is currently on an eight-fight winning streak inside the Octagon. His last loss was a three-round unanimous decision for Kamaru Osman in 2015.

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