Morning Report: Connor McGregor’s coach says ‘it’s going to be worse’ for Dustin Poirier

In September of 2014, Connor McGregor knocked out Dustin Poore on the main card of UFC 178. It was McGregor’s first appearance on the UG pay-per-view and the win marked his ascension to a genuine contender, which eventually marked the beginning of his career. Superstardom. Now, six and a half years later, McGregor will rematch Poirier this Saturday in the UFC 257 main event and although the bout will be fought lightly this time around, McGregor’s striking coach Owen Roddy feels like we’re in for a similar performance. To.

“Yes, it’s a different fight. You fight someone twice, it’s a different fight Submission radio. “Who knows what’s going to happen?” But the same thing applies, in my opinion. Conor will land. It is inevitable that he is the land to be shot. He lands on Poirier, and just how long it can take Poirier’s punishment. He is very durable and he is tough and he is good, and he has got a lot of tricks, and those are the problems that we have addressed in the camp. But when it comes down to that, when Conor lands, it can be assumed that how long the pourier can last. “

In his first fight, Poegri did not last long with McGregor getting the stoppage at just 1:46 of the first round. However, a large number of things have changed since then. Although McGregor apparently went from his first fight to become the biggest star in the history of the game, Poirier has not performed so poorly. The loss of McGregor led Poire to 155 pounds, where he transformed himself, making an incredible run through the division to capture the interim lightweight title in 2019. So Poirier’s improvements have been since his first bout, which many believe could be his potential contender of the year contender at UFC 257. However, McGregor is not one of them giving his official “Mystic Mac” prediction as a 60-second KO. And while Roddy is not sure it will happen so fast, he agrees with his accusation.

“I think it comes down to strategy and the pourier whatever comes with the strategy,” Roddy said. “So, it’s hard to say. If he comes looking for an exchange, it’ll be quick, I’ll imagine. If he comes in and runs, it might take a little while. Poirier has improved a lot . I’m not trying to disrespect Poirier, he’s an unprecedented fighter, but Conor has made a terrible improvement as well, and I think Conor has improved more than Poirier. So, I only do that kind of I can foresee the outcome. “

But despite predictions of an early finish from McGregor and his camp, the option has been a point of emphasis for the former two-division champion. Since his loss to Nat Diaz in 2016, McGregor has been branded as poor cardio, or as McGregor puts it, “being inefficient with his energy”. Poore is five more rounds with Max Holloway and more than last year, crossing the championship round against Dan Hooker. So given that, conventional wisdom has it that if Poyer can withstand an early storm, he would be able to succeed in the latter round against McGregor, but never, on the brand, Roddy says if Poyer If comes in third, fourth, and fifth round, things will not get any better. Quite the opposite.

“I doubt it’s going to last any longer,” Roddy said. “But if it goes to three, four and five, I think it will be bad for Poir. I can’t see it going that far, but I think it would be bad for the pourier, if I’ve been honest. Because you don’t want Conor to kill you for 25 minutes. And he can set the pace, Conor. He is in unprecedented shape. He is in the best shape ever in my life. Physically, mentally. So, I think it would be dangerous. I think if he managed to stay there, Poore would have been very dangerous. But I still don’t see him there.

Well, we don’t have to wait long to find out. UFC 257 takes place on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi this Saturday, and if McGregor is the way he and his team believe he will, he is likely to give himself another crack at lightweight champion Khayeb Nurmagomedov.

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