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Morning Joe Panel relentlessly assaults Corey Lewandowski on Roy Moore: “Read the Corey newspaper!”

Morning Joe had former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Wednesday morning, and the panel had a simple question: Would Lewandowski have warned the president Donald Trump to support the Alabama Senate? Child abuser candidate and accused Roy Moore ?

And in the course of a painful five minutes of relentless interrogation, Lewandowski miraculously managed to avoid giving a direct answer to that incredibly simple question.

When he first asked, it seemed that Lewandowski was willing to strike the president for his support of Moore, declaring: "This is what I believe." I believe that the political operation in the White House needs to be reviewed significantly. The president has gotten bad advice, and see that I am very critical. "

Lewandowski tried to take the discussion about Trump's policies, but after it was pressed with Moore backing, he repeated the GOP party draining the bulk line that "the people of Alabama will decide" on Moore

also noted that he did not personally know Moore, although he acknowledged that "we have one thing in New Hampshire called 'street justice' – though the infamous fighting political agent did not elaborate.

Willie Geist of MSNBC continued to hold Lewandowski's feet on fire on whether the president should support a man accused of pedophilia.

It's not for me to decide, "answered an unusually weak Lewandowski." That's for the people of Alabama. "

" So, are you okay if you're elected? "Geist asked.

" No, I did not say that, "Lewandowski replied, before doubting due process for a while.

Lewandowski repeated that he had never met Moore, which Geist exasperated and exclaimed:" Read the newspaper Corey! "

The former manager of the Trump campaign followed a tangent about "false news" before the MSNBC analyst John Heilemann brought him back to Moore: "Would you recommend [Trump] to back it up or not?" [19659002] "The president makes his own decisions," Lewandowski responded, provoking a laugh from Heilemann. [19659002] Look up, through MSNBC.

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