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Morehouse Commencement Speaker Pays Off Class Student Debt

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Now we know exactly what it takes to get on stage with Angela Bassett: Forty million dollars, According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In a day of celebration for hundreds of families, won with much effort, Morehouse increased its commitment to black excellence

After Bassett spoke casually ethereal, Robert F. Smith, the multi-billionaire technology investor and philanthropist, received an honorary doctorate at the Morehouse College graduation ceremony on Sunday.

Smith is the founder, president and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm founded in 2000. In 2017, Vista Equity Partners had more than $ 30 billion in assets under management. In 2018, he was declared the richest African-American by Forbes magazine, beating Oprah Winfrey.

Smith, who had already promised $ 1.5 million to the school, was not going to be overtaken by the university that invited him to speak at the graduation ceremony.

So Smith announced that his family would provide a grant to pay off the student debt of the entire graduating class of 2019.

"This is my class," Smith said, "and I know my class will pay this forward."

According to the AJC, Tonga Releford, whose son Charles graduated with the class of 2019, estimated his son's student debt at around $ 70,000.

"I feel it's Mother's Day once again," Releford said of his share of the gift, which is said to be worth more than $ 40 million, and is believed to be the largest donation ever made to the university or any of your students

In social networks, the news was quickly received with jokes:

Congratulations to the Morehouse class of 2019 and graduates everywhere. If your alma mater could not find a speaker to pay your debt, it could be worse: Rutgers wrote my name wrong in my official title.

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