More than a million people helped decide that this was the funniest joke ever – BGR

  • The science of comedy humor is discussed in a new video from AsapSCIENCE, which also includes the best joke ever statistically.
  • Researchers have found the optimal amount of time between tragedy and when people are usually able to joke about it.
  • The structure and length of the joke also play a role in how strange people think.

Humor is, of course, a subjective thing. There are always going to be jokes that you think are funny, but others don’t, and vice versa. Our humor sensations are a combination of a lot of things, including life experiences that can make us more sensitive to some subjects and less sensitive to others. With all of this in mind, can there really be a “funniest joke”?

Based on the results of the survey conducted by over 1.5 million people, the answer is clearly yes. YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE recently works in the science of comedy, crawling through data and presenting it in an easily digestible way.

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The survey that the participants took asked questions about their sense of humor. It also told him jokes, asking him how much he liked each joke or how comical he found it. Based on these responses, we are left with the figures of “the funniest joke in the world”.

Some of the more interesting information from the survey includes the length of the ideal joke. Based on the figures, the most effective jokes are about 103 characters long. It’s quite brief, but maybe that’s what makes them work so well? Additionally, jokes are the most fun for anyone at 6:03 pm local time. It is not quite clear why this is so, but perhaps it has something to do with the general feeling of relaxation that comes at the end of the workday and the transition in the evening.

As far as the funniest joke in the world… Okay, go ahead and watch the video above and you must have presented it as a comedian. Reading jokes probably won’t provide the same kind of effect, so it’s best to listen to it out loud.

Now, I’m no comedian, but I know what I find funny. The joke is not supposed to be the funniest bad Either way, joke. It has a clear punchline and an easily understood basis. That’s fine … but the funniest joke ever? Eh, I’m going ahead and say no. Maybe I need to listen again at 6:03 pm?

In any case, as I have already said, humor is subjective. No one is going to love every joke and there is no joke that everyone will be universally loved. Find out what makes you laugh and stick with it because this is a case where science falls solidly short.

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