More than 500,000 deaths worldwide from coronavirus: live updates | News

  • Global cases of coronavirus now exceed 10 million, and more than half a million people have died from respiratory disease, according to Johns Hopkins University. The United States accounts for about a quarter of all deaths.
  • United States Health Secretary Alex Azar warned that “the window is closing” to take decisive steps to curb the virus as cases increase.
  • The Australian state of Victoria has found 75 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, the highest daily count in two months. Its top health official says the number is “absolutely troubling.”

Here are the latest updates:

Monday June 29

05:30 GMT – Qatar to further ease coronavirus brakes

Qatar will further facilitate coronavirus brakes from July 1, allowing the limited reopening of restaurants, beaches and parks.

The Supreme Crisis Management Committee says that public and private meetings involving up to five people would be allowed, and that the offices would reopen to 50 percent of capacity.

The next phase of reopening, including flights from low-risk countries, is scheduled for August 1.

05:15 GMT – Thailand records 35 days without community broadcast

Thailand has reported its 35th day without community transmission.

The Southeast Asian nation added seven new cases on Monday, all of them involving Thais returning from abroad, this time from India and the US.

02:45 GMT – Post-COVID UK school building boom

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will set plans for a 10-year rebuilding program for schools in England, a December election promise derailed by the coronavirus.

“As we recover from the pandemic, it is important to lay the foundation for a country where everyone has a chance to succeed, with our younger generations at the forefront and center of this mission,” Johnson said in a statement.

Johnson’s Conservatives returned to power with a large majority in December, holding many seats that traditionally vote for Labor, but his handling of the pandemic has affected his support.

UK schools have suffered greatly under the severe cost cuts introduced after the 2009 financial crisis. More about spending plans here.

The UK government is trying to look beyond the coronavirus pandemic that has killed over 43,000 people across the country, promising to rebuild England’s schools. [Eddie Keogh/Reuters]

02:30 GMT – ‘Absolutely worrying’: peak in cases in the Australian state of Victoria

The state of Victoria in South Australia has found 75 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, something its medical director, Brett Sutton, has described as “absolutely troubling.”

The state has already embarked on a test blitz, but Sutton says social distancing measures could also be reintroduced in the form of localized blockades.

“We have to do whatever it takes to change this,” he told reporters.

Daily cases on Monday are the highest in two months.

02:00 GMT – China adds 12 new cases, compared to 17 on Sunday

China has reported 12 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, including five imported cases.

The seven domestic infections were all in Beijing.

About a third of the city’s 20 million people have been screened for the virus since an outbreak occurred in the capital’s main wholesale food market on June 11.

01:45 GMT – Korea reports 42 new cases, concern for groups

The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) have just announced 42 new cases of coronavirus, 30 of them local.

That is lower than the numbers reported over the weekend, but the Yonhap news agency says South Korean authorities are concerned about continued infection groups, particularly in churches.

On Sunday, South Korea announced a three-tier social distancing program. The country is currently at Level 1, the lowest level. It will increase to level 2 if the number of cases exceeds 50 for 14 days.

00:30 GMT: USA accounts for a quarter of deaths as global figure exceeds half a million

The latest Johns Hopkins figures show that the death toll is now 501,206 since the first cases emerged in China late last year.

The United States accounts for about a quarter of all deaths. The five countries that registered the worst deaths are detailed below:

  1. United States – 125,768
  2. Brazil – 57,622
  3. United Kingdom – 43,634
  4. Italy – 34,738
  5. France – 29,781

More than 10.1 million people have been diagnosed with the disease.

23:30 GMT (Sunday) – Los Angeles bars must close again after cases increase

Bars in Los Angeles and six other California counties, which together house about 13.5 million people, have been ordered to close again after a surge in coronavirus cases.

The bars reopened on June 19.

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