More than 500 Amazonian workers in Europe to attack Black Friday


  Amazon Germany Strike 2014
proclaim a previous attack by the ver.di union outside of an Amazon
installation in Germany in 2014.


  • Workers in Italy and Germany plan to attack blacks
  • At least 500 from Piacenza, Italy, said they will walk
  • Amazon said it will do everything possible to fulfill orders
    without them.

More than 500 Amazon employees in Europe will go on strike
Black Friday in an attempt to earn a higher salary from the retailer,
according to the unions.

A large number of employees in Germany and Italy will stay at home
for one of the busiest shopping days of the year in an attempt to win
concessions from your employer.

Workers at Amazon's main Italian distribution center published a
statement saying that they would leave after the attempts of
insurance bonuses of management broke.

They said that at least 500 of the 1,600 employees in Piacenza, 45 miles
south of Milan, he would refuse to work on Black Friday,
to the Reuters news agency. They also refuse to work
extra time until the new year.

At the same time, workers in six distribution centers in Germany
Strikes must also be carried out as part of a long-term wage dispute.

The union ver.di is coordinating the strike, and said it is
members deserve a greater share of the profits that Amazon makes of
the vacations.

They did not specify how many workers had to strike.
Business Insider has contacted ver.di to request a figure.

According to Reuters, the strike will be the first to
The Italian workers of the Amazon, although those of Germany have taken measures

In a statement to Reuters, Amazon in Italy said that its approach would be
try to make sure that orders placed in and around Black
Friday arrives on time.

He added that the salaries of their workers are already high, and
get other benefits, including health insurance and training.

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