More than 25 million Americans at risk of losing health care as coronavirus virus epidemic: “It’s real hard for me”

One study found that an estimated 5.4 million American workers lost their health insurance from February to May. The nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that a total of 27 million are at risk of losing coverage during the coronovirus pandemic, and can be avoided by battling COVID-19 or other diseases, as well as reducing the investment bill due to a reduction in income Can make it impossible.

Larry Leavitt, Caesar’s executive vice president, told CBS News’ Michelle Miller, “We are seeing an unprecedented decrease in jobs and at the same time health insurance is also losing.

He said the loss of health insurance is “particularly risky” during an epidemic, when people are at increased risk of being “infected and potentially seriously ill”.

“People who do not have health insurance hesitate to seek medical care, which they worry about Large medical bills They can cope, ”Leavitt said.

Those losses mean that Americans’ worrisome situation, such as Georgia resident Rodney Watts, is left without coverage or work when they need it most.

“I’m a type-two diabetic, you know and it’s real hard for me,” Watts said. “Some days you want to go to the doctor and see what else is wrong with you, but you can’t.”

Watts was working as an overnight supervisor at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. When the epidemic hit, he lost his job as well as his health insurance.

“It was bad, it was real bad,” he said.

Watts’ insulin costs about $ 400, which he is paying with a $ 600 federal weekly jobless benefit that recently expired without a contingency plan. Congress is Still deadlocked On an extension.

“It’s been a struggle,” Watts said. “We’re managing, but you know, when that 600 goes, I don’t know.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that four out of five Americans who, like Watts, have lost their employer health insurance, are eligible for help through the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid, but many are not aware of it .

Larry Levitt said he was concerned that the lack of health insurance could also have a negative impact on the fight against coronaviruses.

“We need people who have symptoms, who feel they can get sick, to be cared for and tested … so that they can avoid infecting others,” he said.

In the case of Rodney Watts, loss of a job and a person Health facilities Risks the whole family.

Watts said, “When this interview is over, I’m not going to sit around. I got to find work, I got to get my health coverage.” “Because I have so many people depending on me. I got a wife, I got a grandmother. I got children. I got a lot of people and I can’t fail them. I can’t fail them.”