More than 13 million Texans face a water crisis after a brutal winter storm –

More than 13 million Texans face a water crisis after a brutal winter storm

The crisis in Texas is expanding after a freezing winter storm crippled infrastructure in the state. Although electricity has been mostly restored, more than 13 million people, nearly half the state’s population, currently do not have access to clean running water.

In many homes, the tap is dry. Finding bottled water is almost impossible. Some have resorted to boiling snow. Houston, which is the fourth-largest city in the United States, opened 11 sites Thursday to help distribute water.

Texas - winter storm
Donated water is distributed to Houston residents.

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When the pipes burst at the home of Texas Representative Shawn Thierry, his world exploded. She and her 8-year-old daughter are in a hotel, but they won’t be able to live there for long.

“I mean this is a nightmare, this is everyone’s nightmare,” Thierry told CBS News. “Your house is your abode, it is where you will find your peace and work and now I am uprooted.”

Thierry finds himself among millions in a new phase of misery. When the lights come back on, the horrors of the storm are revealed.

Water is everywhere, or nowhere, as many treatment plants were out of service and millions were ordered to boil water. A line to enter a plumbing supply store ran in blocks. Even food has become hard to come by as some grocery store shelves are empty.

Dangerous winter storm hits the east with snow and …


Along the east coast, snow and ice are causing serious car accidents and knocking down power lines, throwing tens of thousands of people into the dark. President Biden declared a state of emergency in Oklahoma, where residents saw the longest streak of freezing temperatures on record.

This winter storm even created a policy too, when Texas Senator Ted Cruz he was seen on a flight to Cancun while his constituents suffered from the cold. He returned to Houston with a police escort after photos and video of him became public. CBS News learned that he originally planned to return on Saturday.

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