More than 100 Central American migrants rescued from trucks in northern Mexico

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – More than 100 Central American migrants, including dozens of children, were rescued from a truck found abandoned in a violent region of northern Mexico near the US border, authorities said Friday. .

The migrants, from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, suffered from dehydration and suffocation as soldiers crossed the truck in Tamaulipas, where migrants often attempt to cross the border illegally.

Every year, thousands of Central Americans who seek to flee from violence and poverty in their homeland use Mexico as a conduit to the United States, often transported by traffickers of people in dangerous conditions that can be fatal.

The National Migration Institute (INM) of Mexico said that soldiers patrolling the city of Camargo in Tamaulipas heard cries for help from the trailer of the truck, where they discovered 103 immigrants, including 36 children, who had been squeezed during about 12 hours

A photo sent by the INM appeared to show some of the belongings of the migrants in the back of the truck, including a small pink backpack, duffel bags and garbage scattered on the floor.

A dozen minors traveled alone and will receive legal assistance to apply for refugee status in Mexico, the INM said.

Did not specify when the migrants were found.

U.S. President Donald Trump urged Mexico on Friday to do more to prevent violent illegal immigrants from El Salvador from entering the United States, again pushing its proposed border wall but stopping before its earlier claims that Mexico would fund it.

In a Twitter post, Trump said that the US police were withdrawing Salvadoran gang members but that they kept coming back, adding: "El Salvador simply takes our money, and Mexico must help MORE with this problem. We Need The Wall! "

More than 800 Central American migrants have been found in trucks or safe houses in Mexico so far this year, according to a government document seen by Reuters.

In July, 10 people died after a truck filled with more than 100 Guatemalan and Mexican migrants was abandoned in a Texas parking lot.

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