More side effects with unproven vaccine: W.H.

WHO warns about amateur corona vaccines

  • Rushing vaccine research
  • WHO that this is not the right trend
  • The third step is to clarify that clinical trials are standard

Many countries are working hard to develop vaccines to stave off the corona epidemic. Many countries are eager to complete the vaccine, which usually takes years, in a matter of months. However, the World Health Organization has blamed such trends. WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan said the side effects outweigh the benefits with unproven vaccines.It was clarified that there were risks in approving vaccine trials in a hurry and it was unlikely that further clinical trials would be conducted in the future and the performance of the vaccine, which had not been looked at in full, would be in jeopardy. He warned that if the vaccine did not completely eradicate the virus, it would contribute to the virus’s growth. She explained that the effectiveness of a vaccine can only be proven by its third phase of clinical trials, which is a world standard. The WHO responded by saying that the US FDA would soon approve the emergency use of the vaccine in the United States.

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