More people travel abroad for cheap plastic surgery. Why doctors say it’s a bad idea

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Whether it is a tighter tummy or an improved profile, more and more people turn to plastic surgery to achieve an ideal image, but there is a drawback.

It's not cheap.

The average cost of a facelift in the US UU It's just over $ 7,000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. The ASPS says the average tummy tuck will cost about $ 6,000.

These high prices explain why some are attracted to the so-called "medical tourism". It is a growing trend in which people travel abroad to undergo plastic surgery at a fraction of what it would cost in their country of origin.

Double plate certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Capizza said it is a risky proposition with potentially serious consequences.

"He is safer and it is better for his health to stay at home," said Dr. Capizza. "It may take a little more time to get to the cost, but that's only in the short term."

"In the long term, it is likely that you will have a result that will last your whole life and you will be alive."

Dr. Capizzi says that a failed plastic surgery is not just happening overseas. In fact, he explained that correct what other US doctors. UU They have ignored it is half of their surgery business.

Your advice? Ask this very important question: "Is this person certified in plastic surgery?"

According to the website of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, when choosing a surgeon with certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, "… you can be sure that the surgeon has completed the appropriate training and approved written exams and Comprehensive oral exams covering all plastic surgery procedures. "

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