More people choose Uber for a trip in the hospital by ambulance: study

LOS ANGELES – More people seem to be opting to use an Uber to go to the hospital by ambulance, according to a recent study, writes CBS Los Angeles. Two professors examined data from places in America.

David Slusky, assistant professor of economics at the University of Kansas, along with co-author Leon Moskatel, examined ambulance rates in more than 750 US cities. UU In all the country.

the data analyzed the rates of ambulance use since Uber was introduced in those markets between the years 2013 and 2015.

The data, according to the study (which you can read here), seemed to show that the rates of use of ambulances had decreased at least 7 percent in those markets.

"Many patients do not need anything that might violate traffic laws and they do not need something attended by paramedics with a lot of sophisticated equipment," Slusky said.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Moskatel had to map all the dates that Uber entered a particular market, based on the company's public announcements. Ambulance rates were obtained from the National Emergency Medical Service Information System.

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