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Destiny Director 2 Luke Smith has promised that the team will reveal more details about the December update of the game at their next live broadcast event. Fans have expressed concern about some of the central systems of Destiny 2 which is precisely what Smith plans to address. Tweet yesterday:

Next week the Destiny 2 team will detail the systems side of the December update.

Includes: economy updates (suppliers and acquisition of your equipment, tokens, legendary fragments), investment updates (new reward systems for weapons and armor) game updates, and more. (1/2)

– Luke Smith (@thislukesmith) November 25, 2017

In a later tweet, he also said that he will address comments from the community and answer questions from fans along with project leader Mark Noseworthy.

Additionally, @knowsworthy and I will also answer some questions and respond to comments from the community we have been reading since the launch.

See you soon. (2/2)

– Luke Smith (@thislukesmith) November 25, 2017

This weekend, Bungie found himself in the middle of the controversy when the players discovered problems with Destiny 2 & # 39; s XP earnings. Bungie acknowledged the problem and said he will review the system during the next week to make the appropriate changes. "We will be watching and reviewing the XP game data to make sure that these changes meet our expectations, just like yours," the study wrote.

We will keep our readers informed.

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