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More cases of CWD were found in Kent, deer of Montcalm

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says that during the deer season for firearms this fall there were more deer with chronic disease.

In Montcalm County, 17 suspected or confirmed cases of CWD were found in Cato, Douglass, Fairplain, Maple Valley, Montcalm, Pine, Reynolds, Sidney and Winfield Townships. In the county of Kent, 3 cases were found in the municipalities of Nelson and Spencer. The DNR says that this is the first year that CWD deer are found in Montcalm and Kent counties.

This year and last year, another 10 deer were found or confirmed in Clinton and Ingham County.

The DNR says they have tested around 23,000 deer since May 2015 when the first case was found.

"The fact that we have found so many positive CWD deer is a major concern for the Michigan deer population," said Chad Stewart. , Specialist in deer DNR in a press release. "However, Michigan has a comprehensive CWD response and surveillance plan to guide our actions, and we will continue to work with hunters and take proactive measures to contain this disease."

The DNR says that hunters are their best ally against the disease and continues to encourage hunters to submit their deer for CWD surveillance and testing. Hunters who presented their deer heads for CWD testing must process their deer as needed, but wait for the results of the tests before consuming the deer.

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