Moon, PlayStation “Anti-RPG,” Coming to Nintendo Switch in English

The moon, A 1997 PlayStation role-playing game that enjoyed role-playing game conventions, is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 27. This will be the game’s first official release in English.

Designer of The moon, Yoshiro Kimura, has called the game an “anti-RPG”. The moon Many RPGs address the bizarre behaviors of heroes, who ruthlessly enter people’s homes in search of objects and clues, and who kill thousands of creatures for objects and experience, and add a playful twist. Players do not assume the role of a traditional hero, but that of a boy in his television and an in-game RPG. Moon world. The boy follows the hero’s courage, frees the spirits of slain enemies and collects a resource called Love.

The moon It was unique at the time for its unusual cast of non-player characters. Unlike the traditional RPG’s NPCs, the inhabitants of The moonJust don’t wait around town to give information to the player; They live their lives, bake bread, dance at night, and have daily and weekly routines. It is also an RPG without a fight.

Game developer Toby Fox cited The moon As one of the influences behind his own RPG, Undertale.

Manufacturer of The moonThe studio, known as Love-Day-License, was made up of former Square developers, who worked on such games Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Rpg, And Romance saga. The moon Nintendo will be released through the eShop and will cost $ 18.99.

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