Montreal explorers discover the Ice Age cave below the city –

Montreal explorers discover the Ice Age cave below the city


Ben Cousins, Staff

Published on Saturday, December 2, 2017, 6:34 p.m. ITS T

Last updated Saturday, December 2, 2017 7:58 PM EST

Explorers in Montreal have made the underground discovery of their life: a giant cave that is woven under one of the city's public parks.

A cave below Parc Pie-XII in Saint-Leonard, a neighborhood in Montreal, was already available for people to walk. But Luc Le Blanc, one of the people credited with the latest discovery, says the new section was discovered just behind the old cave.

The newly discovered cave is 10 times larger than the existing caves and dates back 15,000 years, according to experts in the field.

"It's a dream," Le Blanc told CTV Montreal. "It only happens a couple of times in your life and less frequent here in northern latitudes."

Although most caves are formed by water erosion, they are glaciotectonic, meaning that they formed through glacial pressure during the Ice Age.

To find the caves, Le Blanc and his colleague used dowsing in the area, a technique that is typically used to find water, where they discovered a vacuum beyond the known cave. A year later, they returned and with the camera to see what was beyond the walls of the cave.

Reaching the new area proved to be a major challenge since it required digging through the limestone. The crew almost gave up, but in October they took a break with a softer rock and could make a hole.

Eventually, they had a tunnel large enough to pbad and they could explore the other side. They crossed the newly discovered cave on foot at first and then, when they reached the water, they used an inflatable boat.

High water levels have prevented scouts from reviewing the full size of the cave, but once the water recedes, they plan to see what other discoveries they can make.

It remains to be seen if this new section will be open to the public, but at least one councilman is optimistic about the possible tourist impact of the cave.

"Normally people who see and visit a cave are very far away, and so on," said Dominic Perri, councilor of Saint-Leonard West. "This is in an urban environment, so I think there is great potential."

With a report by CTV Montreal & # 39; s Denise Roberts

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