Monster Hunter Rise – April 2021 Free Update Adds Apex Rathalos and Chameleos

Monster Hunter Rise’s first free title update will arrive in late April and will add Chameleos, Apex Rathalos, an unlocked “Hunter Rank” cap, and more. Capcom revealed the details of the Ver. 2.0 title update in a blog post, while hinting that some additional monsters and “some other related features” will be added as well.

Apex Rathalos appears to be part of a Rampage quest, which is a cross between the traditional Monster Hunter game and a tower defense game. Apex monsters, like Apex Arzuros, are super strong versions of monsters that sometimes top off these challenges.

Title Update Ver. 3.0 was also teased and while it does not currently have a release window, it promises to “introduce additional monsters as well as an additional ending to the Monster Hunter Rise story arc.”

In our Monster Hunter Rise review, we said that it “mixes classic Monster Hunter ideas with some of the best enhancements in the world and a ton of clever new mechanics of its own.”

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