Monkeys kidnap newborn twins in India, kill one

A herd of wild monkeys broke into a home in India and abducted newborn twins, killing one of the 8-day-old girls, according to reports.

The mother, identified as R. Buvaneswari, 26, told police that monkeys broke into her home in Thanjavur city on Saturday lifting tiles, The Times of India reported.

Buvaneswari said she was home alone with the twins and their 5-year-old daughter while her husband, Raja, 29, a house painter, went to work, according to the report.

He claimed that the marauding apes stole his babies while he was in the outside toilet.

The mother said she rushed back to the house when she heard the screeching of animals and was surprised to find the missing babies. She ran outside when she heard one of her babies cry and saw one of the monkeys holding the child.

Neighbors then chased after the monkey and rescued the girl, but the other girl was discovered floating dead in a pit, The Times of India reported.

“Once we got the information about the incident, we ran to the scene and looked for the second baby. We finally located the baby in the pit, ”Police Inspector S. Chandramohan told the news outlet.

“We have sent the body to the Government Medical School Hospital for autopsy,” he added.

However, M. Ilayaraja, the district forestry officer, described the incident as “the rarest of the rare” and said the mother’s account is being investigated.

“It is very difficult for the animal to remove the tiles to enter and exit through the same hole,” said the official.

“In addition, according to the doctor’s statement, the baby under observation, as well as the baby who died, had no signs of having been grabbed by the animal in their bodies,” continued Ilayaraja.

“Since they are babies, when animals such as monkeys pick them up, their joints can dislocate. There are no bruises or scratches or dislocated joints. However, we cannot reach any conclusions. ”

But this is not the first time there have been reports of monkeys attacking babies in India.

Two years ago, a monkey snatched a 16-day-old baby from her in the town of Talabasta. The boy was later found dead at the bottom of a well, UK’s Sun reported.


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