Monkey steals man’s phone, proceeds to take hilarious selfie

A cheeky creature turned a Malaysian man into a monkey by stealing his cellphone and pulling tons of selfies.

According to the BBC report, Zacrydz Rodzi woke up in a jolt on Saturday morning when he realized his smartphone was missing. The man from Batu Pahad, Johor, said that “there was no sign of robbery” while searching for the missing robbery.

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On Sunday afternoon, the 20-year-old father spotted a monkey outside his house. Calling his phone once again, Zacrydz heard a ringing “a few steps from the forest from the back garden” and discovered the sloppy device under a palm tree.

From there, the student’s uncle teased that the camera roll may contain photographs of a robbery or thief; Zackrydz opened the gallery “and boom, it’s full of monkey photos,” he said.

Although it is unclear how the smartphone was stolen, Zacrydz has speculated that the monkey may have entered his home through his brother’s open bedroom window.

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“Suspicious,” she joked in the caption on social media with the monkey’s selfie.

The computer science student shared a viral video of the camera roll on Twitter, where it was viewed more than 260,000 times.

The quick clip is a document of the monkey business that allegedly took place during rush hour, the equipment was gone, complete with pictures of tree branches that the mischievous monkey had taken.

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“Something you can see once in a century,” Zackrydz said of the incident.