Mom worried on the grill by police and social services after the newborn baby caused the mark by suckling from her own arm


A mother who took her newborn baby to the hospital with a red mark on her arm has reported that police and social workers have interrogated her family for two days.

Kirsty Clark, 33, was worried about Jackson's five-day mark may be a sign of meningitis or a blood clot.

She took him to Lincoln County Hospital to have her checked.

But to his surprise, after examining Jackson, a doctor called the social services and then the police.

Ms. Clark was subjected to disturbing questions about how she was treating the child.

Authorities prevented her husband Cane, 35, from picking up his seven-year-old son, Kairen, from his godparents.

Kirsty said social workers and police made her feel like a child molester

Her son was also interviewed by a social worker, reports LincolnshireLive.

Ms. Clark says she was "forced to stay" in the hospital for two days until Tuesday, November 21, when little Jackson underwent numerous x-rays and a CT scan.

The brand was self-inflicted by baby Jackson who had begun to badfeed his arm.

Ms. Clark, badistant manager of North Hykeham, said: "They made us feel like child molesters.

" Jackson is a precious little baby who means the world to us.

"He's an IVF baby and we had a police check to have IVF in the first place."

The brand was caused by Jackson nursing his own arm

"I took him to the hospital because he wanted medical advice and then they made me stay in a room for two days while they do all these tests and I am interviewed by a social emergency worker.

"I understand that the system is there to protect children, but in this case it seems to have gone completely backwards w ay. "

Lincolnshire police confirmed that they received a concern about the safety report on a baby at Lincoln County Hospital on November 19, but that the end result was" no requirement for more police involvement. "

] Mrs. Clark, whose ex-Army works as an electrical engineer, said that a doctor had seen Jackson bad-feed his arm, but he did not believe that this was the cause of the teardrop brand.

Kirsty and Papa Cane – the seven-year-old boy was also interviewed by a social worker

The doctor went on to seek a second opinion.

She said: "Despite this second opinion saying It was the baby badfeeding her baby. "Her own arm, she still had to have X-rays and tests done."

United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, which administers Lincoln County Hospital, said it acted within the procedures of the trust.

Sue Bennion, Chief of Obstetrics and Nursing Services for Women and Children at ULHT, said: "We welre the opportunity to discuss and investigate the concerns raised by Jackson's family and encourage them to get in touch with ourselves. , to allow this to take place.

"The Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, and our trust guide states that in the circumstances of an injury to a child that raises the possibility of protecting the concerns, the staff must in contact with social badistance for the safety and welfare of the child in question. "

A spokesperson for social services said:" If an alleged case of abuse is reported to social services, we have a legal obligation to investigate such allegations.

"We would have a meeting / conversation with police to ensure joint work and exchange of information."

"This would determine how the investigation would proceed and if there are allegations of suspected physical abuse a medical examination would be conducted to determine where the consultations would go, depending on the findings. "

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