Mom with dementia play Beethoven

– Elaine LeBar may have dementia, but she still knows her way around a keyboard – and has not forgotten Beethoven’s third movement of “Moonlight Sonata,” TMZ reports. A video of a 92-year-old man playing the piece recently hit Ticketock. “I don’t know that,” she says of the music, first digging into the opening notes with Gosto. ABC 7 News reports that her daughter Randy Labor recorded a performance in a senior living community in Massachusetts. Randy said, “I didn’t anticipate it would go viral but here we are.” “My mother, a professional musician, has significant dementia, but life matters to her on the piano.” And like others suffering from the disease, the music clung to Ellen despite short-term memory loss.

Randy said that she had not met her mother for months due to a coronovirus epidemic, so she started posting videos of Elaine playing. “America was at the height of its presidential campaign, with a ridiculous politicization of masks, and it struck me that the people talking about their ‘personal freedom’ had no understanding of the precious and irreplaceable times they would ask me and all Were taking from him. Other relatives of the elderly, “she told Metro. “I had posted the initial video as a silent rant – I had no desire to enter the gracious mask debate.” Music-publishing site Hal Leonard noted that Labor has degrees from Brooklyn College, the University of Missouri and the Conservatory of Musical Art in Manhattan, and has published his own music. (Read more uplifting news.)


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