Molly McGrath of ESPN opened up about pregnancy after body shaming

With over 78,000 Instagram followers and counting, Molly McGrath of ESPN is used to commenting online about her life. But as Mom-to-Be was revealed recently, a troll took her criticism too far.

31-year-old McGrath wrote in an Instagram post this month, “For the first time, perhaps ever, I let a cruel troll tweet about my pregnant body changes.”

McGrath, who announced last month that she and husband Max Dorsch are expecting, opened the night nearly unscathed, with “at least six hours straight, in the rain” on her feet with little sleep Was standing McGrath said that despite the experience not being easy, she “feels proud of a pregnant woman working full-time.”

“Here’s the thing: Getting pregnant is hard, especially when I enter my third trimester. My legs are swollen and bruised like I never thought and my back hurts. Nausea, heartburn, and Not to mention spots of other symptoms like exhaustion. I am creating a human life! The baby I am carrying can live outside my body right now, and my strong ass body scratches that baby. , ”McGrath explained.

“Completely different, the job of a sideline reporter is also hard to travel, present, get information from, and the reality is that we never get into broadcasting as much as we can contribute. But you know that, I will not change any of my circumstances in a second.

McGrath, who is part of ESPN’s college football and basketball broadcasts, said that how she feels “is so incredibly lucky to have a job I’m so passionate about, it makes me forget that a younger person is my Killing the ribs. ”

“I am proud to have a pregnant woman working full-time and I am proud that the monstrosity of creating a human life has not slowed me down, and will not,” McGrath said. “Women get incredibly and powerful angry and those who haven’t seen can kiss my big Achey butt.”

Max Dorsch Instagram Story

McGrath then received positive messages from fans, who persuaded him to speak.

“Love you and this !!! Every word comes true !!! You are a sinister warrior! And gorgeous to boot! “A follower wrote.

“So proud of you !! How lucky is that child that you have a habit of learning from him and becoming a mother !? “Wrote another.

McGrath’s husband Dorsch also posted a strong message to his wife and fellow mothers.

Dorsch wrote on her Instagram story, “Molly and all the future reading mothers.” “It is natural and right to have moments of insecurity as soon as your body changes.

“But never forget to be proud and do something. Showing fun You are doing something no man can do. We salute you, miracle workers! ” He continued.


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