Mojang is retiring old Minecraft Dungeons launcher

Minecraft dungeonsDedicated launchers on PCs are retiring in favor of a new “integrated launcher” that lets you launch Dungeons And Minecraft: Java Version From the same place, Reduce the number of places where you can play Minecraft One on pc (via) Windows central) is.

Minecraft dungeons Hack and plunder is a collection of robbery cousins Minecraft This change had its own launcher, until it was purchased from the Microsoft Store. As of January 18, non-Microsoft Store Edition Dungeons The PC can only be launched with the new Unified Launcher (which is an update to the Java Launcher itself). Mojang states that the change should not affect the files saved and that either a Microsoft account (required to run on a PC soon) or a Mojang account can be used to log into the launcher.

An account screen from the new integrated Minecraft Launcher.
Image: Mojang

Here are the remaining ways and places you can play Minecraft On PC after changes:

  • Minecraft windows 10 edition (Sometimes just called Minecraft or Minecraft: Bedrock Edition) Is managed through the Microsoft Store.
  • Minecraft: Java Version Is managed through the integrated launcher, but you can also play without updates, for now.
  • Minecraft: Education Edition (Special version of the game for schools) is managed through its own launcher.
  • Minecraft dungeons (a Minecraft Spin-off) is managed in either the Unified Launcher or the Microsoft Store if you are using Xbox Game Pass for PC or you purchased it from there.

Consolidate where you launch two Minecraft The game doesn’t do much to help with confusion in so many different types Minecraft, But for anyone who enjoyed playing both Minecraft dungeons And Minecraft: Java Version, It is now a bit more convenient.

You can learn more about the change and how to download the new launcher on Mojang Minecraft Help Center.

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