Mohave County prepares for a possible second wave of virus. Kingman Dainik Khan

KINGMAN – District 3’s Mowe County Supervisor Buster Johnson raised questions about a possible second wave of COVID-19 in a meeting on Monday, September 28. He inquired about the future of investigators in the county’s COVID-19 cases, as well as preparations in long-term care facilities around the county if there was a second wave.

Dennis Burley, the county’s public health director, told Johnson he had legitimate concerns.

Investigators said, “We have lost some to attract.” Others work primarily with local schools.

Johnson’s main concern was to employ and engage those investigators in the case of the second wave of coronovirus.

Burley said she is definitely open to ideas and suggestions from the board.

He said he believes the county’s long-term care facilities are better prepared for a potential second wave than the first.

“Each has testing equipment,” Burley said.

His department also sought the Board’s permission to make changes in dates related to reporting of COVID-19 cases.

Instead of using the day a case was reported, the county would start going by the date of diagnosis, the county epidemiologist, Mary Schumacher, who is in charge of the department’s data team.

The advantage of that innings is to provide more accurate measures for decisions on the Arizona Department of Schools and Businesses.

“It just gives us a better idea of ​​when the transition was rolling in the community,” Schumacher said.

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