Modern to deliver 6 million COVID-19 vaccines on Friday under FDA emergency approval

US officials said Monday that they plan to ship just under 6 million doses of Modern’s COVID-19 vaccine after receiving an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.

CNBC reports that medical supplies company McKesson will deliver modern vaccine supplements and packaging to 3,285 sites, according to General Gusten Perna, who is in charge of logistics for Operation War Speed, the White House’s COVID-19 vaccine program. . Perna said UPS and FedEx have been tasked with receiving vaccine supplements at their end locations.

CNBC reports that the vaccine may be approved as of Friday, a week after Pfizer was granted emergency use authorization for the coronavirus vaccine. Like Pfizer, the modern vaccine is given in two doses, at intervals of four weeks.

“The difference in volume was available when we were planning for initial delivery.” “As early as 15th [of] In November, I removed the available chalk line for Pfizer so states could make plans. … We wanted them to have enough time to plan and realize where they wanted to go first. “

If the operation taunts speed, major dr. Monsef Saloui said on Monday that 20 million Americans were expected to be vaccinated by the end of the year. 100 million doses of injections are expected by the end of February 2021.

As CNBC notes, the US government is currently planning back on dosing to ensure that people need a second dose. Slaoui said the government may hold back in January or February because they see that “things are going perfectly.”

Perna said, “As our process matures, the safety stock will go down significantly, as I said earlier, in both manufacturing and distribution. Our goal, the guidance that I am giving, is that vaccines are not effective on a shelf. We have two vaccines that are highly effective, and we want to deliver this to the American people. “


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