Modern says it is investigating a reported allergy to the COVID-19 vaccine

Modern said Tuesday that California is investigating an allergic reaction to a batch of its COVID-19 vaccine following a recommendation to stop vaccination.

State Epidemiologist Erica Pan Recommended on sunday Many health care providers administer doses from 041L20A, while the state investigates a “higher-than-normal number of possible allergic reactions” that were reported with doses administered at a community immunization clinic.

Pan said at the time that California, Modern, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are all investigating.

In Statement on tuesday, Modern said that it “receives a report from several individuals from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) at an immunization center in San Diego that many had been treated for possible allergic reactions after vaccination “.

The company said it is unaware of “comparable groups” of adverse events from other immunization centers that may have taken doses from the same lot.

The company stated, “This investigation is still ongoing and is working with Modern FDA and CDC to understand clinical cases.”

The company did not specify on Sunday how many people reacted adversely. However, the Associated Press previously reported Six health care workers in San Diego had an allergic reaction to the vaccines received at an immunization center on Thursday.

A spokesman for the FDA said in a statement in The Hill that the agency “is aware of a situation in California that reported several potential adverse events after vaccination with a specific type of modern vaccine (Moderna Lot 041L20A) at a specific vaccination clinic.” We are working closely with the CDC, California Department of Public Health and Modern to investigate these potential adverse events. ”

“At this time, the CDC and FDA do not recommend that the Department of Health prohibit the administration of many or any of this modern or COVID-19 vaccines,” Hunt said.

Hill has reached out to the CDC for comment.

Modern said a total of 1,272,000 doses were produced in the batch, of which 964,900 had already been delivered. CDPH stated that it received 330,000 doses from the batch which were distributed to 287 providers.

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