Modern COVID vaccine can cause side effects for people with facial filler.

The FDA Advisory Committee noted that people with cosmetic facials may experience swelling and inflammation with one of the coronavirus vaccines.

According to the committee, many trial participants with the filler have already experienced side effects. A California-based dermatologist said the response was immunological, ABC7 reported on Thursday.

“Your immune system, which causes inflammation, when you get a vaccine, is how it’s going to work,” Dr. Shirley Chi, who said that the side effects were easily treated by medical personnel.

“So it makes sense that you would see an immune response in some areas where they see some substance that is not a naturally occurring substance in your body.”

She said, however, the side effects should not stop people from getting the vaccine.

“In these cases all patients had swelling and inflammation that was given to that area,” Chi said.

“Some patients were cheekbones six months before their vaccine and one patient was lip filtered two days after the vaccine. All were treated with steroids and anti-histamine and all their reactions were resolved. “

Modern’s COVID-19 vaccine received approval from the FDA on Friday, offering a choice from Pfizer and BioNotech.

Director of NIH Drs. “We do better than we dare to expect,” Francis Collins said. “Science is working here, science has done something amazing.”

Early results from large, still incomplete studies suggest that both vaccines appear safe and strongly protective, although modernity is easier to handle because it does not need to be stored at ultra-frozen temperatures.


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