Model Y Diary: Distribution, Panel Gaps and First Impressions

This is my first week running magazine with model YC Day 1.

The Model Y was super easy to get, and you could tell that it was a well thought out process from Tesla. The money was already taken care of, and I also received a lot of significant credit as Tesla dropped the $ 3,000 price between payment and pickup. As I said before, I tried to get FSD for $ 7,000, but Tesla charged me $ 8,000, so I’ll decide later if I need it.

Compare that to my Chevy experience where it took me a full two days to sell the Bolt to MSRP, and I’m pretty sure I won’t go to a traditional dealership again. Oh, and don’t start me at the local Toyota dealer.

With Kovid, there are some nuances to the delivery experience, but here’s how it went down:

First time model y

I pulled into my Model X at the Tesla showroom and street parking. I then emailed the store to let them know that I was there and what car I was in and what I was wearing. While I waited, I tried a final reboot of the Model X screen, but Justin, my Tesla representative, welcomed me into the car before coming on screen. He said that everything was ready and asked if I wanted to fill out the paperwork. I said I want to check on the car first.

I previously asked if I could take pictures and videos, and Tesla asked me not to do so if I accidentally grabbed other customers or salutators. It looked a bit suspicious, but I planned to take some pictures of any issues with the car.

As an aside, I saw a Model Y review of MKBHD and I was surprised at the issues he saw in himself. And he had a press vehicle (!!!). Starts at 8:40 below:

Oh, is that so!

So I got out and on a socially distant walk, we both made our way to the small parking lot, where they showed me what a gorgeous white Model Y with white interior was looking like. I don’t know how they do it, but that white interior looks amazing and unlike any other white interior I’ve ever seen.

I started making my way around the car, looking for issues. Upon closer inspection, I found quite a few but no deal breaker. Most panels that did not align correctly and some of them were indicated by MKBHD.

Model Y Panel Gap / Blemish

If you need a gallery, I have put some highlights below:

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