Model Ali Michael, 27, Slammed for Flirting With 14-Year-Old ‘Stranger Things’ Star


Girl, what have been you pondering? Model Ali Michael is dealing with backlash after she flirted with 14-year-old Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard on Instagram. Last week, 27-year-old Ali shared an image of Finn on her Instagram story and wrote, “Not to be weird but hit me up in 4 years @finnwolfhardofficial.”

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Well, Ali’s followers positively thought her publish was bizarre AF and have been fast to name her out. “Ali Michael is literally 27 this whole joking abt children hitting puberty and badualizing them as a way to invoke a funny rhetoric is [sick],” one offended fan wrote on Twitter, whereas one other tweeted, “I thought jokes were supposed to be funny not scary. Such an immature 27-year-old.”

Ali wasted no time taking to her feedback part to defend her ill-advised publish, insisting she was merely making a “joke.” But followers have been nonetheless not satisfied — and continued to slam her. In reality, a number of of them introduced up the truth that if Ali have been male, and had made the badually charged remark a couple of younger woman, her criticism would most definitely be far worse.

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“And if the roles were reversed and a 27y/o man said this about a 14 y/o people would be dragging him, but since she’s a girl it’s ok? wtf” one tweeted, whereas one other fumed, “If a man messaged a 14 y/o girl with the same message would you be seeing it as a joke? Discuss.”

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Ali finally returned to Instagram to supply a lengthier apology — and acknowledged that her go at Finn was inappropriate. “Hi, Yesterday I posted a picture of Mike from Stranger Things and wrote ‘Call me in 4 years.’ It was completely and absolutely a joke but I understand that people have been offended by it,” the Texas native wrote. “It was wrong to joke about and I apologize. I do not want Mike from Stranger Things to call me. I hope this clears things up.”

Finn has but to reply to Ali’s social media snafu.

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