Model, 24, gets her purple tattooed eyeball and is now partially blind – Hollywood Life –

Model, 24, gets her purple tattooed eyeball and is now partially blind – Hollywood Life


Ouch. Catt Gallinger, a model from Ottawa, decided to tattoo her eyeball after being pressured by her boyfriend. Now, partially blind beauty is "struggling" to keep its eye!

The purple color used to be the favorite color of Catt Gallinger but after this horrible experience, it may not be like that anymore. "This is my current vision," the 24-year-old Ottawa model wrote in an update on November 27 on Facebook. She shared photos and a video of her eye, permanently damaged due to a failed tattoo procedure. "He is sore and feels heavy, for lack of a better word, often … on Friday first thing in the morning to badyze it again and badyze the option of sedated surgery".

Catt suffered a sclera stain at the beginning of September 2017. "I have many of my friends who have had [sclera tattoos] done and done well, it was something that interested me," he said TIME . She also said that she did not do enough research and gave way too soon to pressure from her then boyfriend, an expert in body modification. Catt first revealed the damage by posting a shocking picture of her purple "crying" eye, taken from the day she underwent the tattoo.

"It hurts, it burned," he said TIME . "In the worst case, it's like having a migraine and then also getting punched in the face at the same time." It has taken a big toll on my mental health. "Since then he has started posting updates on his Facebook, showing his struggle and desperation.

" Back to medications and discovering my appointment next week to get sedated surgery. "She wrote on November 24." This goes beyond the heartbreaking … I CAN NOT open it without significant effort. As I have always been honest here, I will continue to be like that. My hope is gone. I'm very close to asking for the elimination. I'm so tired of everything. "

A sclera tattoo is more of a staining process." Ink and saline are mixed and injected into the eye through a small needle Catt states that her then boyfriend did not mix the ink with saline, he used a large needle instead of a small one, got too much in the eye and used a large injection instead of making several small doses. "I'm not forgiving. I will not leave him alone, "he said." I want him out of the streets before he does anything worse to someone else. "

Our thoughts are with Catt as he continues his healing process.

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