Modders Discover Early Concept for Bloodborne Inside Dark Souls Remastered, open it in GTA V

A modifier has extracted a map from Bloodborne & # 39; s Upper Cathedral Ward from Dark Souls Remastered and opened it within Grand Theft Auto V . Now you can drive a car inside.

It is difficult to decide what is more rare here. Why is there a level that appears in a 2015 game within a 2018 remaster of a game originally released in 2011? And, even more, how the hell is Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V walking inside that map? In the direct message, Dropoff, the modifier that accomplished the feat answered several of my questions about how he made the video.

The level data is its own level file in the data of Dark Souls Remastered labeled as "m99_99_98_00" apparently anonymous. Level files that start with "m99" are often test files within the Souls games, so these were the ones that Dropoff first reviewed for the remaining remaining interesting content in Remastered .

The level architecture of the extracted map is a little different from the actual version of the area in Bloodborne . While the approach, gate and bridge are all the same, the area outside the building that is located in Bloodborne is missing in this trial version even though the interior of the building is more or less the same (here there is a video of the final release) for comparison). Lance McDonald, another modifier of the Souls series and data searcher whose work we have covered previously, has speculated that what eventually became the Upper Cathedral Ward was initially created during the development of the original Dark Souls.

McDonald also discovered part of the Boletaria level of Demon & # 39; s Souls in the same set of level files.

But what about Trevor and his car? Dropoff explained to me that he extracted the level file from Remastered and imported it into "3D software" which then allowed him to repackage and open it with Grand Theft Auto V . He learned to perform this operation by reading tutorials, which really makes me question what I am doing with my free time. I mean, I'm not discovering interesting test maps in any video game.

It's fascinating that this map has been dating since before 2011, it's amazing that you can drive a car in the Upper Cathedral Ward bridge, and it's amazing that there are people committed to doing this kind of work. Now, the only thing that can be done is to discover if Trevor can discover some annoying story on the unfinished level.


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