Mnuchin: It would not be ‘fair’ to use taxpayer dollars to pay more people sitting at home ‘

Treasurer Steven MnuchinSteven Turner MnuchinMnuchin, takes a rare weekend trip to the Meadows Capitol as the GOP prepares the coronovirus package White House, Congress talks about next coronovirus relief bill as COVID-19 continues on funding: Congress controversy as unemployment rock Set for There may be a wave of eviction for the tenants of the country. House further approves 9.5B spending package Sunday took a hard-line against the $ 600 plus-up unemployment benefit, which was part of a final coronovirus relief measure, saying that “using taxpayer dollars to pay more people to work from home” It will not be appropriate to do. And get a job. “

GOP lawmakers have taken a drastic step against Plus as they negotiate a new relief measure with the White House. The initial bill won back a blow from Republicans who said some people would not work more money than going to work.

The unemployment benefit expires at the end of the month, even as the nation tackles an unemployment rate of 11.1 percent. Democrats want to expand the plus-up in the new bill, arguing that it would do more harm to abolish or limit them.

The White House and Senate GOP have struggled to deal on a package due to various differences, including a demand for a payroll tax cut. President TrumpDonald John Trumpcity Police Announces Riot Amid Continued Protests Brazil’s Bolsonaro Says He Has Tested Negatively for Coronovirus Reagan Foundation Has Told Trump Campaign, RNC to Stop Using Former President’s Name ..

While many Republicans had opposed the measure, Menuchin blamed Democrats for calling Fox News the Sunday host Chris wallaceAbout Christopher (Chris) Wallace Trump Performance on Cognitive Testing for the Second Time in a Week DMO: Trump Struggles to Get Traction with Law-and-Order Message, Nearly 3,500 Public Health Experts Signed Letter in Support of Fowr More “It was very clear that the Democrats would not give us payroll tax cuts.”

Wallace brought up the fact that several prominent Senate Republicans were also opposed to the payroll tax cuts, including Senate Majority Rep. John thunJohn Randolph Thunkingsinking Trump Attempts to Condemn Trump for GOP Disagreements After Democrats reject payroll-tax cuts by GOP Democrats reject Hill’s Morning Report – submitted by Facebook – Trump-a-brief COGID -19 more facts (RS.D.) and sensors. John cornynJohn CornynCongress set for controversy as unemployment rock Senate GOP coronovirus package for next week Hilton Valley: Feds warn hackers have targeted critical infrastructure. Twitter Search Subscription Service | Bill to give DHS cyber agency subpoena to Power More (R-Texas) and Chuck GrassleyCharles (Chuck) Ernest Grasslenet has passed a bill to stop incentives to borrowers. The Senate GOP sentenced the coronovirus package from next week. Overnight Defense: The Senate has passed an annual defense policy bill that poses the threat of a trite veto. Milit has considered two exemptions for transgender soldiers since the ban (R-Iowa), to which Mnuchin responded “There were other Republicans who supported it.”

He said that another round of direct payments to Americans would be more effective.

“Direct payments are effectively a much faster way of tax cuts to all – much faster than payroll tax cuts,” he said, “retailing 1 percent in June compared to June of last year There was more, so we all pumped money into the economy, did this work, people went out and spent. “

Mnuchin hoped that there could be a deal in the House to pass the Senate’s version of the relief package, saying that liability protection for schools remained an important issue for any legislation.

“We can move very quickly with the Democrats on these issues,” he told Wallace. “If there are issues that take longer then we will deal with them as well.”


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