MLB Power Rankings: Who has the advantage when the 60 game season begins?

Finally, there will be a baseball season.

The owners and players spent weeks fighting over money matters. That was never resolved, honestly, but the commissioner ordered a 60-game campaign, which will begin on July 23 or 24.

The list of unknowns surrounding how things will unfold in a short, abbreviated season where everyone has been sitting for months is a mile long. The biggest mysteries surround the impact of the coronavirus season. With the number of cases increasing in many states across the country, can the season continue without interruption?

Each team is being thrown one curved ball after another. Do certain teams have advantages due to the format of the schedule? That is difficult to say. None of these teams was built for a two-month season.

Teams will also play abnormal schedules, with 40 of the 60 games against division opponents and the remaining 20 against teams from the corresponding geographic division in the other league.

But we can try to order these equipments. Here’s an attempt to rank the top 30 major league teams as baseball is finally on its way to returning in 2020.

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