MLB Playoffs 2020 – Vaccination for the Elimination Game from Wild Card Thursday –

MLB Playoffs 2020 – Vaccination for the Elimination Game from Wild Card Thursday

It is a day to win or go home at the MLB Playoffs on Thursday, which four teams have seen as packing – or can set the stage for a wild Friday of a winner-take-all matchup.

From the opening day of the Cincinnati Reds-Atlanta Braves match to the late night Milwaukee Brewers-Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 2 LA, each of Thursday’s games has its heroes, turning points and takeaways.

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Marcel Ozuna scored two insurance runs and topped the ninth inning with Russell Iglesias for the Braves.

Atlanta Braves 5, Cincinnati Reds 0

Game 2 hero: Ian Anderson scored brilliantly in his postson debut, scoring nine runs in six quick innings, adding to the Reds’ offensive offensive with a six.

what does this mean: The Reds were “upset” favorites of the first round due to their early pitching prowess, but now we know why Trevor Bauer and Luis Castillo went a combined 9-10 this year – the Reds don’t hit, and they’re particularly comfortable. Great Americans do not walk far from the ballpark. Bauer and Castillo gave up just one run during their outing, but this is one more than the Reds in two games. (You might think it is rare to be shut out in consecutive post-game games, but this happened for both the Rockies and Braves in the 2018 division series.) The Reds had just one extra-base hit in two games.

Atlanta pitching, credit though. In Game 2, rookie Ian Anderson looked effective in every way during his six regular season starts, posting a 1.95 ERA and allowing just one home run in 32ok innings. The right-hander threw 17 first-pitch strikes on the 22 batsmen he faced, but what was impressive was that he was not just playing fastballs. Nine of those 22 first pitches were four-seam fastballs, 12 were curbballs and one was a changeup. Anderson is just 22 years old, but pitches with the command and puffs of a veteran veteran. We know the Braves’ rotation depth is a problem and will be tested in the next round, but Max Fried and Anderson look like a tremendous one-two punch and they have a deep bullpen to chew up the innings. The rotation begins. – David Schonfield

next: The Braves will face either the Cubs or Marlins in the National League Division Series, but will have to wait an extra day to find out after the Shab-Marlins game is postponed to Thursday due to the weather.

The Reds led offshines with some key questions to answer regarding their lineup struggles.



Chad Pinder drives in two as he slaps single center to plate Shawn Murphy and Marcus Semen, giving the A a 6-4 lead over the White Sox.

Oakland A6, Chicago White Sox 4

Game 3 heroes: The Athletics received contributions from most of their roster on Thursday, but it was Chad Pinder’s fifth, two-run single in the bottom of the fifth that marked Oakland’s 3–0 start. This put the A’s ahead 6-4, and with one powerful Oakland bullpen exiting the Chicago rally one after another, Pinder’s timely blowout gave relievers the kind of lead they had preserved all season is.

what does this mean: Chicago’s plan could work, and there could be no better alternative. Luck somewhat worked against the plan. Nevertheless, while good results can be followed by a bad design, a bad design is not something you strive for, especially in the postseason. Chicago’s approach seemed to be that as he faced trouble, he started to replace starter Dan Dunning for the first time after facing four batters. The problem is, a never-ending innings of pitching changes began that pushed the outer limits of Chicago’s bullpen depth and set up a battle royale of relief pitching that would favor Oakland in most cases.

Still, it could work. Rookie phenom Garrett Crouchet had to pull out after replacing Dinging and he faced only two batters, which was a cause for further tension. After the game, White Sox manager Rick Renteria said the plan was to try to get crochet through at least two more innings. At the plate, Chicago hitters became runners up against that powerful A’s bullpen, often setting the plate for the Order’s heart. But the White Sox never got a big, late-coming hit that probably saved their season and made everyone forget the bullpen clash. The biggest disappointment came when MVP candidate Jose Abreu rolled into a double play with two at the eighth end. This is a matchup that you like, no matter who is on the mound. Still, if you’re a Sox fan, you’re going to do just fine on the bullpen. The parade of largely faceless firemen saw eight runs and six run outs – many faceless firemen.

But if you are a fan of A, you celebrate. It was a tight, tense game, one of which clubs have to make the most of to survive deep play in October. It was a game in which athletics could not survive this century, after a record nine consecutive defeats in the winner-take-all game. With a deep, versatile roster, one of the best bullpens in the game and a lineup of Boppers that can provide the big shock that dictates such a big playoff game, the team must be the right type for such a playoff setup. – Bradford Duliette

next: Oakland will start a best-of-five division series against the Houston Astro on Monday at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the young White Sox home with a few questions to answer after losing the first winner-take-all matchup in franchise history.

More Thursday games:

Game 2: The Cardinals at Padres live on ESPN

Game 2: Brewers in Drawers live on ESPN2

Note: Marlins on the Cubs postponed to Friday due to weather.


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