MLB Playoffs 2020 – Takeaways from all four of Thursday’s Division Series games

On Thursday, which could send four teams home from the 2020 MLB playoffs, the Atlanta Braves could see the Miami Marlins begin their NLDS sweep in Houston. Will the Houston Astro, Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers join him in the lead, or will the Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees and San Diego Padre survive their season?

Here are stars, turns and takeaways from each Thursday game.

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Atlanta Braves 7, Miami Marlins 0

what does this mean: Even the gap between two unevenly matched teams is not always visible in a short series, but it certainly did in this one. The Braves imagined Dalit Marlins in every way. Atlanta got airtight pitching, timely defense and an offense that kept the scoreboard clicking both with and without a home run.

The Marlins did not appear ready for prime time, which really shouldn’t have surprised anyone. They were a 31–29 team during the season, scoring 41 runs. Further work remains in Miami’s quest to produce a perennial winner. Still, from overcoming the outbreak of early-season COVID-19 to seeing his home ballpark in the early weeks of the campaign, the Marlins accomplished much to overcome it. Better days remain ahead, and establishing an organizational identity because one of the resilience is nothing to the franchise that lacks any sort of identity for so long. Kudos to Don Mattingly and his squad.

Now Atlanta will advance to the square after flashing Cincinnati and Miami without any cosmic sweat. By flashing the Marlins in three games, the Braves can now make the short trip from Houston to Arlington and enjoy it three days before the NLCS begins on Monday. Thus, manager Brian Snitker and his staff can establish their own pitching plan, although they see fit. The Dodgers and Padres present a far more formidable test for Atlanta, but so far, the Braves seem more than ready for it. – Bradford Doolittle

next: Atlanta’s matchup with NLCS Los Angeles or San Diego will begin on Monday night in Arlington, Texas. Miami arrives offshine to answer questions after a surprise run ended.

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