MLB Playoff: A remain white versus white, but will lose in winner-take-all Game 3

Just looking at the final score, Wednesday’s Game 2 of the Wild Card Series for the White Sox failed. They had a 1-0 lead in the series with a chance to close out second-seeded Oakland Athletics in two games. They lost, 5–3. An error led to two runs and then a pair of home runs later gave the A their own five runs. White was closing in on seven innings.

The full context behind how things are moved, however, paints a bit of a different picture. Yes, the White Sox still lost and now they are just one loss away from going home for the winter after the incredibly fun but brief 2020 season. He actually established himself thanks to his final two innings for Game 3.

Tim Anderson took eighth with a single and followed starter Chris Bassit from the game. Although there were no outsiders in the eighth, A’s manager Bob Melvin was selected to accompany Liam Hendrix. A Yasmani Grand Homer made it 5–2, and the White Sox again raced to the ninth, eventually running away from home to make it a two-run game. Jose Abreu went out (with authority) to end the game with loaded bases.

In the midst of all this, Hendrix threw 49 balls and was drawn in the ninth with two outs. His previous high in 2020 was 29 pitches. Apparently the team with his proverbial back against the wall along with the playoffs and Melvin’s team meant he fully justified Hendrix, where he was in the regular season and with a much smaller regular season – less workload – big The count is probably okay here, long term.

However, in the short term, moving to Game 3 is a concern. Hendrix is ​​one of the best relievers in baseball and emptied his tank completely. On the second half of the back-to-back outing he had the most number of pitches for the entire year, 24, and this was his worst outing of the year (1 1/3 IP, 2 H, 3 R, 2 ER). .

Melvin told reporters after the game that Hendrix was available for Game 3 and that this is not really surprising. Even if he wakes up on Thursday morning and his arm is barking, Hendrix will certainly try to give it up in a win-win game, and if he’s not available, then why not the A’s to the White Sox Will tell?

If Hendrix pitches and then struggles, keep in mind how hard the White Sox worked him in Game 2 in the eighth and ninth innings. These types of things can have a residual effect in the playoffs.

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