MLB Non-Tender Tracker: Baseball Contracting Around Today (UPDATING)

With baseball’s tender and non-tender decision tonight, I wanted to gather notable people here.

I’m just gonna keep adding them as I see them, if they are important, interesting, to the Cubs through expansion, or whatever. The free agent pool is changing as we speak…

⇒ White Vow today found two “names” players non-tendered in the outliners Nomar Mazara and leftie Carlos Rodan. Mazara hits the ball somehow hard and far, but he has yet to reach the level of play actually suggested by his years of publicity. Rodan, a former number three taken just before Kyle Schwarber, was considered a co-miss college starter who missed, mostly due to serious injury issues. A team will take a flyer due to talent, but I don’t really know what it has got in its future.

⇒ Pendre Outfield will tender to Tommy Pham (Lynn), Despite his many recent surgeries and the expected 8-ish million price tag. I don’t think they know what to expect from him next year, but if he’s “normal”, he still deserves that level of contract, even in this market.

⇒ We learned earlier today that the Cubs will be non-tendering Jose Martinez, and the discussion for that decision is here. There are rumors of Kyle Schwarber, and yes I have seen them, but I am still waiting for something else before I jump on it.

⇒ Orlando Archaea was an obvious non-tender candidate for the Brewers after a few disappointing years (you know, when he was playing the Cubs), so they agreed him to a pre-tender deal for $ 2 million.died). Arcia, who is still only 26 years old, actually had a league average at the plate in the short season 2020, and perhaps she will eventually turn a corner. But in the last two years combined, he hit just .228 / .277 / .333 (58 wRC +). A whole bunch of other small pre-tender deals at MLBTR.

⇒ The Yankees planned to tender Gary Sanchez, according to John Heyman, despite his terrible turn at the plate. My guess is that they tried to trade him, found no market before the tender deadline, and decided to “risk” him by sticking around to get the chance to shop the rest of them offshine.

⇒ The Reds are non-tendering outfielder Brian Goodwin, whom he acquired in mid-season from the Angels. Now 30, Goodwin has been a league-average batting so far for his career (slightly above average, slightly above average years), and is passable all over the outfield. He is also a division-neutral lefty, so he is going to be attractive to some teams on a small deal as a reserve organization. The strike rate is close to 30%, so I’m not sure the Cubs would be the jumping team if they wanted to reopen that part of their game.

⇒ Tyler Naquin is one of the names that I think I have heard for so long as a young young outfielder who was terrible for Indians, but today he is non-tender (Hoynes). Well, here’s why I had it: In 2016, as a cheater, Naquin was terrible (and I may have additional reason to pay attention to Indians that year). Since then, however, he has just been bad. He will play 30 next season, and although he is batting a league average against the righty for his career, I don’t think he looks like a guy who will get a big league deal. There can be a whole lot of late signing, with outfield free agents inviting the type of spring training in the pool.

⇒ Many of their catchers, many catchers on the roster (I’m not exaggerating, they have a SIX on 40-man right now), Brewers are not the non-tender Omar Narvaez, and instead of signing him to a pre-tender For $ 2.5 million (Hey, buddy). This is solidly lower than his estimated range ($ 2.73– $ 3.1 million), which is probably a big deal for the brewers. Yes, his bat – which was his calling card – fell off a cliff this year, but this is a small sample. Meanwhile, his framing flew like a rocket (and it stabilized in a much smaller sample). I don’t like that they kept him, because he could be a very good player for them next year.

⇒ Adam Duvall is now a really interesting free agent, as the Braves have made him non-tender (passan). A really late breakout guy – he is now 32 – DuVail took limited action for the Braves over the last two years. He originally became the world’s most extreme fly ball hitter, and was translated into the strikeload’s shitload, but also the shitload of power. He always kills leftists well, and we’ve talked about how the Cubs could use a man in their outfield mix (such as a failed trade for Jose Martinez). But, again, I don’t know that the Cubs are looking for a guy with a 28 +% strike rate. I think it is over 25% against the Left, but still.

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