MLB May Move All-Star Game To Georgia After Controversial New Voter Restrictions

The 91st Major League Baseball All-Star Game, scheduled for July, could move from Atlanta after the Republican-controlled Georgia State House passed a controversial election review Thursday.

Tony Clark, executive director of the MLB Players Association, said the league’s players are “very aware” of the extensive legislation.

“When it comes to the All-Star Game, we haven’t had a conversation with the league on that topic,” Clark told the Boston Globe. “If there is an opportunity, we hope to have that conversation.”

Clark’s comments come after the Los Angeles Times published an op-ed Thursday urging MLB to change the location of the annual summer exhibition game, the Globe noted.

Many critics say the increased restrictions are an intentional attempt to disenfranchise voters of color.

Republicans supporting the bill argue that it will bring greater confidence to those who believed voter fraud was a major factor in the 2020 presidential election.

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