MLB kicks off Cardinals-Brewers game due to coronovirus

The St. Louis Cardinals tested two players positive for COVID-19, as a result of which Major League Baseball Friday afternoon game at the Milwaukee Brewers was postponed, it was announced.

MLB’s quick decision to postpone Friday’s game, which was scheduled for 2:10 pm ET, comes after the spread within the Miami Marlins, which has had 20 positive tests – with 18 players following another Friday , Told ESPN – past eight days.

On Sunday the postponded game was rescheduled as part of a traditional doubleheader, with the first game starting at 2:10 pm ET. Saturday’s game is scheduled for 7:10 pm ET.

The MLB stated that the moratorium allows enough time for the cardinal to conduct additional tests and conduct contact tracing. A source told ESPN’s Jesse Rogers that if all that’s happening with the Cardinals happened before the Marlins’ outbreak, Friday’s game at Miller Park would still be played.

“We support the decision of Major League Baseball and look forward to postponing today’s game and playing our home opener,” Brewers president / general manager David Sterns said in a statement. “The health of our players and staff. And safety is our top priority. “

The Cardinals last played at the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday night.

This brings the number of teams taking action to six on Friday. The Brewers and Cardinals will join the Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals and Toronto Blue Jams as teams affected by positive tests.

The Cardinals’ positivity represents the first positive tests that have been seen outside the East Coast since the game began last week.


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