MLB free agency: Citizens, John Lester agrees to one-year deal

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The Washington nationals have added a veteran Southeastern with a championship pedigree in the rotation. According to a report by CBS Sports headquarters reporter Jim Boden, the National Agents have agreed to a one-year contract with free-agent leftie John Lester. Financial terms are unknown. Washington has not yet confirmed the signature.

The 37-year-old Lester struggled in 2020, throwing 61 innings with the Cubs with a 5.16 ERA. He has been worse than the league average over the past two years, but as recently as 2018 managed a 3.32 ERA in 181 2/3 innings. If nothing else, Lester will move the ball every five days. He made at least 31 starts every year from 2008–19, with another 12 in the 60-game 2020 season.


The Nationals will face their rotation, along with Max Schauser, Patrick Corbin and Stephen Strasburg. Lester will step in as the innings-eating No. 4 starter and push Ross and Eric Fedde down one peg on the depth chart. Washington reportedly took an interest in Corey Kluber before he signed with the Yankees late last week.

Lester is the second former Cub to join this countryman. Washington signed Kyle Schwarber, who was non-tendered a few months ago in Chicago last month. Schwarber and Josh Bell are the club’s two big offensive joints this winter. Citizens can still be brought into an infielder, especially a third baseman, as well as the bullpen helps.

Washington went 26–34 and finished last in the NL East last season. However, winning the World Series has sidelined him for a year, and his top three starters are making big money, and Juan Soto and Treya Turner are still making salaries below market value and providing big production Are, it only makes sense to go for it in 2021.

Our RJ Anderson has not ranked Lester among the top 60 free agents available this offseason.

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