MLB Exchange Deadline: 10 prospects that could be dealt with, including gems from the Yankees, Astros and Braves

The major league baseball trade deadline is less than 10 days. Because there will not be an exemption period in August, teams will have to make calls about whether they are buying, selling or stopping earlier than normal. As such, the league headquarters will evaluate a lot of scenarios during the next week, including the badysis of several prospects.

We also decided to get into the fun. Below, you will find our list of 10 prospects to consider in the commercial deadline. We are not saying that all (or, necessarily, none) of these players will be in motion. But we have included them because we suspect that it is possible, or we have heard that they have emerged in the negotiations. The perspectives are presented in alphabetical order.

1. Ian Anderson, SP, Braves

Originally, the No. 3 pick in the 2016 draft, Ian Anderson has a starting frame and the possibility of three offers above average once he reaches full maturity, including a curved swing ball and miss. Anderson's drawback is that he continues to walk with four batters for every nine innings in Double-A, which could postpone his major league debut while trying to refine his lead. Sources in the league have told CBS Sports that the Braves are willing to discuss Anderson in the negotiations, since Atlanta is loaded with young weapons and continues its search for a veteran frontline starter. Whether through trade or development, Anderson could be the key to the Braves improving their rotation in the coming months.

2. Jordan Balazovic, SP, Twins

We include Jordan Balazovic because the Twins are looking for help and he or Trevor Larnach is the best prospect they are willing to move (with Royce Lewis, Alex Kirilloff and Brusdar Graterol considered out of bounds). Balazovic will not turn 21 until later in the year, but he dominated High-A and could continue to improve as his large body fills up. Even if it does not, it has the characteristics of a medium rotation start thanks to a good control over a deep arsenal.

3. Joey Cantillo, SP, Parents

It is said that the Padres are aggressively pressing left-handed starter Joey Cantillo in trade negotiations. He has seen that his speed has improved this season, but his things still do not match his outstanding numbers: he has an average of almost 12 strikeouts for every nine innings in the A-ball, while he has exceeded in the low 90s. Cantillo will not turn 20 until December, so the Padres expect some other team to value him as a climber with more upside potential. Considering that it was the 468th pick in the 2017 draft, the Padres could be online to get a big return on their initial investment.

4. Estevan Florial, OF, Yankees

According to current indications, the Yankees seem to be trying to keep right-hander Deivi Garcia and outfielder Clint Frazier. Almost everyone else in the system is on the table, including the outfielder Estevan Florial. Florial has lost a lot of time in the last two seasons due to wrist injuries, but has the secondary skills to project himself as a major league player. His bat will determine if he is ever up to his star. It's not clear if Florial will be enough to face an agreement for a top-of-the-rotation starter, so the Yankees will have to settle for less.

5. Sheldon Neuse, 3B, Athletics

As with Balazovic, we are using Sheldon Neuse as a substitute for several Athletics prospects. The A's are looking for help to pitch, and, in the words of a member of the rival headquarters, they are "willing to exchange perspectives." Neuse would make sense as an inclusion: he's ready for primetime, but he has no hope of dethroning Matt Chapman as the A's third baseman. Oakland has played with Neuse in other positions (he has seen action in the second position, in the shortstop and left field this year), but could have more value for them as an exchange chip.

6. Jesus Sanchez, OF, Rays

Earlier in the season, we explained why outfielder Jesus Sanchez could be the key to the Rays' deadline plans. With Tampa Bay connected to numerous arms, including some of the main ones available in the market, it is time to review what makes Sánchez polarized. He has the tools to be a stick above average, but his approach could limit how well he hits advanced pitchers. To date, he has had problems with both Double-with (in a limited sample) Triple-A. The Rays have continued to ask for their money back in above-average deals for players, so Sanchez's glow may not matter even when everything is said and done.

7. Kyle Tucker, OF, Astros

There have been speculations that Kyle Tucker could be in motion while the Astros seek help for the rotation. A rival evaluator dismissed that thought and said that "Tucker will not go anywhere." Fair enough. Tucker has snuck the ball out of Triple-A, but the Astros do not have a place for him in his Major League lineup. Not yet, at least, since Michael Brantley and Josh Reddick will hit free agency. next season. If Tucker stands still, the Astros do not seem to have the prospect to land a first-line starter.

8. Brice Turang, SS, Brewers

If the Brewers are going to make a remarkable move, they are likely to have to trade the Brice Turang championship prospect. Keston Hiura is not available for obvious reasons, and the Brewers do not have many other high-quality prospects. (Milwaukee could try to export to Travis Shaw, although that will sell low). Turang will not turn 20 until the off-season and may end up with above-average ratings for each tool, except for power, which makes it an intriguing prospect.

9. Luis Urias, 2B, Parents

Yes, we are including Luis Urias, who was promoted to the majors during the weekend. There is a belief that the Padres would include Urias in a trade for a first line incumbent. The chances of such an agreement occurring seem slim, but we wanted to take into account the possibility that Urias is included as the main piece in an exchange for Noah Syndergaard, Trevor Bauer or whoever.

10. Bryse Wilson, SP, Braves

We'll finish with Bryse Wilson, who is another one of those young Braves weapons that could be moved as part of a deal for an established veteran. Wilson was the fourth-round draft pick for Altanta in 2016. He has not yet established himself in a major league location, but he has a fast quality ball and has the desire of physical scouts and tenacity in the holders of half rotation. .

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