MLB Announces Postsden Schedule and Sites: Get Ready for No Off-Days

Now after agreeing with the MLB Players Association on the plans for Postbaden – a COVID-19 outbreak aimed at getting the best league to seamlessly get through the postseason – MLB announced today what’s going on is.

First, as rumored, the opening round of the postseason (a three-game set) will be at the high seed’s home ballpark. So, yes, winning the NL Central would be a good idea for the Cubs. From there, it is neutral site bubbles in California and Texas:

An important extra wrinkle this year? No off-days.

ALDS and NLDS will be from October 5-9 and October 6-10 respectively. They are a five-game series, and will be completed in five days.

ALCS and NLCS will be from October 11–17 and October 12–18 respectively. Again, they are seven-game series, and they will be completed in seven days.

There will be two days of the World Series to be held from 20–28 October. But otherwise, playing directly through you. If it rains, what do you ask? Or an outbreak? I guess we will see!

As I wrote about that rumor this morning, it is an advantage for teams as a whole – such as the Cubs – who have deep bullpens rather than just one or two super elite guys. This year, you’re just not going to be able to run those guys out every day and make it a game of seven for your side. Of course, this means that if you’ve only got two major starting pitchers, you can get out of the gate in games three, four and five. Either way, you better hope your crime is hot.