Mittens, of Bernie Sanders, helps raise $ 1.8M for Memes charity

How about those Mitty Mittons worn by US Sen. Bernie Sanders for the presidential inauguration, spewing endless bizarre memes on social media? The independent senator announced Wednesday that he had helped raise $ 1.8 million over the past five days for charitable organizations in Sanders’ home state of Vermont.

The amount comes from a January 20 France-Presse image with merchandise sales, with his arms and legs crossed, dressed in his brown parka and recycled wool soils.

Sanders put the first T-shirt, sweatshirt and stickers of so-called “Chairman Sanders” Mal on his website Thursday night and the first run sold out in less than 30 minutes. He said more merchandise was added over the weekend and sold by Monday morning.

“Jane and I were amazed at the creativity shown by so many people over the past week, and we are glad that we can help harness our internet fame,” Sanders said in a written statement. “But even this amount is no substitute for action by Congress, and I am doing everything to ensure the people working in Vermont in Washington and we need relief in the midst of the worst crisis around the country . ‘Have been facing since the Great Depression. ”

Sanders’ soils were made by a Vermont elementary school teacher who has a business out of recycled wool. His inauguration, the winter jacket made by Burton Snowboard, spewed countless memes: The former presidential candidate can be found on the social media deadline that metro, moon, and a seat on the couch, along with the cast of “Friends” Be taken. place.

Groups benefiting from the income include the Vermont, Vermont Community Action Agencies, Feeding Chitenden, Vermont Parent Child Network, The Chill Foundation, Vermont’s Senior Centers and the Area on Aging for funding on Wheels in Bitrate Primary Care to improve dermat care. “Agencies are involved in the state,” Sanders’ office said.

Sandys’ office said Getty Images will donate its proceeds as part of a licensing agreement to put photos on T-shirts, sweatshirts and stickers for food on Wheels of America.


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